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Fuel Cards -CITRAKA

A fuel card is a payment product for businesses, enabling drivers to purchase fuel for the vehicles they use for business purposes – essentially a payment card restricted to vehicle related only purchases. 

Accepted at all sites within the UK Fuels network across the UK made up of both major oil brands and supermarket sites, your drivers will fill up as usual and then use their fuel card (assigned to them and the vehicle they drive if you wish) to pay for the fuel they’ve drawn. 

We then collate all of the transactions made using your cards and send you a consolidated, HMRC approved invoice of the purchases. This means that your business saves both time and money and gains peace of mind as only fuels are available to purchase using the card. 

There are also many other benefits in using fuel cards such as dedicated account management, no transactions fees, competitive prices and many more. Full transparency is a guarantee with our CITRAKA card.   

Contact a member of our sales team who will be more than happy to talk you through and get you all signed up.

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