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Who are WCF?

WCF is an established, private company, partly owned by its employees, operating several autonomous businesses focused on niche retailing and specialist distribution. 

Originally established as an agricultural co-operative in 1911, we continue to improve earnings, enhance shareholder dividends and create sustainable year-on-year growth through our engaged workforce. 

We invest in a unique mix of diverse businesses occupying strong market positions in the niche sectors in which they operate. Our current portfolio of businesses includes niche retailing and distribution.  We provide stability of ownership, financial strength, strategic input and leadership support to help those businesses succeed and generate long-term value and sustainable levels of return for all its shareholders. Each business is managed independently, utilising our decentralised structure to ensure that they have the autonomy, authority and the agility they need to react to local market conditions and competitive forces. 

We are partly owned by our employees and aim to utilise this structure to achieve higher levels of employee engagement than our competitors, whilst sharing the benefits of co-owned success with all our colleagues. Currently focused in niche retailing and distribution, we aim to diversify the sectors in which we operate by finding, acquiring, integrating, investing in and building other strong niche businesses.

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