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Fuel Types

Three main Liquid fuel types we supply are Kerosene, Gas oil & Road diesel.   

Kerosene also known as Paraffin is predominantly used for domestic heating throughout the UK with over 1.5 Million domestic users. Kerosene has a basic standard but can also be provided with additives such as AGAMAX & KEROMAX. These additives allow the kerosene to be a cleaner burning substance which overall makes the product more efficient and saving customers money in the long run.   

Gas Oil is a Commercial fuel that's used in many industries to power machinery and vehicles, such as the agricultural and construction sectors. It's also commonly used by businesses for heat generation such as garages. It attracts a lower fuel duty, meaning it is significantly cheaper to buy.   

Road diesel which is widely used by everyday people is supplied to commercial companies and hauliers. It is the same fuel available from petrol filling stations.  WCF Fuels deliver millions of litres of diesel (EN590) to commercial businesses each year. We aim not only to help the big companies but the little. White diesel is more expensive than red diesel, a rebated fuel that contains a red dye, distinguishing it from DERV.

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