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Heating Oil Prices

As many experienced heating oil users already know heating oil prices change on a daily basis. This is solely down to the constant change in the price of crude oil. Kerosene heating oil is a derivative of crude oil so prices tend to follow the trend of the world oil market.

Many factors can influence which way oil prices go, world supply, global demand, conflicts and international exchange rates are amongst the main reasons but on a smaller scale localised factors also play a part. These can include weather conditions, terminal outages and localised events. 

As a local independent company we also have to take other micro factors into consideration on individual orders such as distance from terminal or depot, size of tanker needed to deliver and the amount ordered. We try to keep our running costs at a minimum so we can pass these savings on to our customers. This is where you, as a customer, can help.

We can offer better rates if you are able to consider the following:

  • Coincide your order with several neighbours, by combining your orders we are able to lower the mileage on our vehicles which also results in lower Carbon Dioxide emissions.

  • Give us as long a delivery window as possible. If we are able to group orders together over a few days then we can save on mileage again and deliver to remote villages on one trip.

  • Check your heating oil tank level on a regular basis. If you run out we may have to make a special delivery costing you more.

  • If bad weather (especially snow and ice) has been forecast then please order in good time. Some outlying areas are not gritted and this may extend our delivery period. 
By following these simple guidelines we are certain you will benefit from the best prices possible on your heating oil bill.

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