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Get to know your heating oil tank

It's important you know what type of tank and pipework arrangement you have and how to use it. The list below has useful advice to help us deliver safely and efficiently.

Please make sure:
  • The oil tank is clearly labelled with the fuel type it contains and your house name/number if possible. Ask one of our drivers or call 01524 733669 for a free oil tank fuel type label.
  • All valves are labelled so everyone knows what they control.
  • You know the oil tank capacity and how to use the contents measuring system.
  • You know how to isolate the oil tank to stop the flow of fuel if there is a leak in the pipework.
  • You know if any pipework runs underground and where it runs and leads to.
  • If the oil tank is filled from a point where the level cannot be monitored (offset fill) that a fill-stop overfill prevention device is installed. Your tank may need this by law.

Check that the access to your tank and its equipment is kept clear at all times to ensure safe deliveries can be made by our drivers.

  • Let plants grow around or too close to the tank
  • Camouflage the tank, for instance by growing tall plants or fitting fences and trellises too close to it. There must be room for somebody to walk round next to the tank.
  • Make any changes to the tank siting that may hamper delivery tanker parking, hose routing, delivery or inspection.
The oil in your tank is valuable, you should consider taking appropriate security measures to prevent theft by using suitable locks but don't forget to provide us with a spare key if possible so our drivers can gain access to deliver. If a spare key is not available please ensure you inform our sales staff that the tank is locked so we can contact you the day before delivery to ensure the tank will be unlocked.

Information taken from Oil Care "Get to know your tank" booklet.
Video supplied by the FPS (Federation of Petroleum Suppliers)
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