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List of most frequently asked questions

Whether you are new to heating oil or have been a consumer for a while we are sure there may be questions you would like answering. Hopefully you will find the answer below in the list of our frequently asked questions.

  • What fuels do you provide?
WCF Fuels North West can provide Kerosene heating oil, Premium heating oils for Aga's and boilers, Gas oil (red diesel) and Derv (White road diesel). We can also provide various additives for you fuel storage systems. Request a quote here.

  • What is the VAT rate on fuel?
Domestic heating oil is charged at 5% VAT, for commercial kerosene orders over 2300L (500 Gal) a VAT certificate will need completing and returning to us. 

Gas oil (Red diesel) is charged at 5% VAT up to 2300L (500Gal) per order reverting to 20% VAT for any quantity over this amount.

Derv (White Diesel) is charged at 20% VAT.

  • What is the minimum delivery quantity?
Our minimum delivery quantity is 500 litres.

  • When can I expect my delivery?
We always endeavour to deliver each order as quickly as possible, our sales staff will be happy to advise the current delivery period when placing your order. Please allow extra time for delivery during extreme weather conditions. Small tanker deliveries or deliveries to remote areas may need a longer delivery period.

  • Can you deliver while I am out?
Yes we can, all we ask is that you inform us that you may be out and that all locks are removed from gates and tanks prior to us delivering. We can offer a call or text the day before delivery to give you time to arrange this, please ask when ordering. If you have combination locks on your tank or gate then please inform us of the code and we can store this on your account details.

  • What size vehicles are available?
We have a range of tanker sizes from our "baby" tanker right up to our artic tanker. If you think you may need a small tanker for delivery then please ask our sales staff to check the availability in your area when calling to place an order or get a quote.

  • Can you top my tank up on a regular basis?
Yes we can, we offer a top up service to homeowners who require a regular delivery. The frequency will be discussed by our sales staff and based on your previous order history. If your tank is locked you can send us a copy key and we will store that safely and give to the driver when delivering, we then ensure that the tank is left secure after the delivery. 
  • How can I pay?
We accept payment by debit cards, Credit cards, Bacs, Chaps or cheque. Apologies but we cannot accept American Express or cash.
  • How do I set up a business account?
To apply for an account please complete and return our account form. Click here for a copy.

If you have any more questions which aren't answered here then please email us.
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