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Ways to save money on your heating bill

We appreciate that heating a home using heating oil is not cheap so we have compiled a list of ways you can improve the efficiency of your system and insulation therefore saving money on your heating bill and reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Ensure loft insulation is up to the recommended depth of 270mm. Visit the energy saving trust for more information.

  • Turn down your thermostat by 1 or 2 degrees. The difference shouldn't be noticeable but you will save on oil consumption.

  • If your boiler is getting on in age then consider upgrading to a condensing boiler which are up to 97% efficient. 

  • If your shower takes hot water from the boiler or hot water tank fit a water efficient shower head. This reduces water usage while retaining the sensation of a power shower. This could save a four-person household £67 a year and a further £100 if the house is on a water meter.

  • Draft proofing your home is a cheap and easy way to save on your fuel bill. By excluding drafts around doors, windows, vents and loft hatches etc you can reduce the amount of heat escaping keeping your interior warmer for longer. DIY stores will stock many different products to help reduce drafts. 

  • Have your boiler serviced regularly (once a year is recommended by most boiler manufacturers). Always ensure you use an OFTEC registered engineer. You can find you local engineer here.

  • Consider upgrading to one of our Premium Heating Oils which should improve your boiler efficiency by up to 10% while keeping the injectors/jets cleaner and reducing carbon deposits which may lead to blockages. It also lowers carbon dioxide emissions lowering your carbon footprint and keeps your tank cleaner by dispersing any sludge in the bottom of the tank. Get more information here.

Save money on your heating oil bill

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